5 Horizons. 5 Effects.

Try the Horizon Apps and improve quality of live.

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Want to become more centered? More powerful? More yourself?

Change your perception with only one touch. Download the app, bring the screen in contact to your left inner wrist and let it realize new realm.

H1 - Homeland

Get back to your self.

  • Generates energy of trust in yourself. You are more centered, calm and better connected.
  • Helps to bring the power of your archaic origins back.
  • Grounds you.

H2 - Metamorphosis

Change and convert.

  • H2 brings dynamic. Changes and converts your life, your work, your love.
  • Renjuvenates, purifies body and mind. Brings vitality and love.
  • You win triune qualities as dynamic labile balance to reship every cliff.

H3 - Ease

Live "The Good Life".

  • Light and alive. A fresh breeze. Your time out.
  • Easy moving and lightness.
  • The good hope as your escort.

H5 - Conjunction

Complete your emotions.

  • You get inspiration, happiness and consciousness.
  • Conjunction of opposit parameters to get the ONE.
  • The perfection.

H4 - Transformation

Start a new orientiation.

  • Restart for a new orientation. Ideas will change and you bring them up on top
  • Purifies body, soul and mind with it`s pure immaterial energy.
  • Destroys and rises like a phoenix out of the ash with a new
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