H1 - Homeland

Get back to your self.

  • Generates energy of trust in yourself. You are more centered, calm and better connected.
  • Helps to bring the power of your archaic origins back.
  • Grounds you.

H2 - Metamorphosis

Change and convert.

  • H2 brings dynamic. Changes and converts your life, your work, your love.
  • Renjuvenates, purifies body and mind. Brings vitality and love.
  • You win triune qualities as dynamic labile balance to reship every cliff.

H3 - Ease

Live "The Good Life".

  • Light and alive. A fresh breeze. Your time out.
  • Easy moving and lightness.
  • The good hope as your escort.

H5 - Conjunction

Complete your emotions.

  • You get inspiration, happiness and consciousness.
  • Conjunction of opposit parameters to get the ONE.
  • The perfection.

H4 - Transformation

Start a new orientiation.

  • Restart for a new orientation. Ideas will change and you bring them up on top
  • Purifies body, soul and mind with it`s pure immaterial energy.
  • Destroys and rises like a phoenix out of the ash with a new
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